Toledo Fair Housing Board


Louis Escobar

Robert Salem
Vice Chairperson


John "Jack" Perion


Denise Alvarado
Thomas Gibbons
Keith Jordan
Matt Lewandowski
Emily Ann Monago, Ph.D.
Carla Nowak
Cherie Sears
Cheryl Slack
Ernest Walker Jr.
John Widmer
Patty Wise


Michael P. Marsh, CFRE

President and CEO
(419) 243-6163 ext. 125

Michael P. Marsh serves as the President and CEO for the Fair Housing Center, having joined the staff in 1997 after serving a year as a volunteer and consultant. Mr. Marsh is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and holds a Certificate in Non-Profit Executive Leadership. He is accountable for the strategic vision and successful operation of the agency and ensuring the organization remains mission driven.  Mr. Marsh serves as chief spokesperson; creates and manages the annual operating budget; oversees agency staff; completes activities as directed by the Board of Directors and reports to the Board.

Mike Fehlen

(419) 243-6163 ext. 113

Zachary Hillyer

Director of Enforcement
(419) 243-6163 ext. 111

Sarah Jenkins

Director of Communications and Outreach
(419) 243-6163 ext. 123

Leah Mullen

General Counsel
(419) 243-6163 ext. 145

Karen Plocek

Senior Fair Housing Specialist
(419) 243-6163 ext. 114

Rob Robinson

Director of Development
(419) 243-6163 ext. 112

Christina Rodriguez

Fair Housing Specialist
(419) 243-6163 ext. 118

Linda Skowronek

Executive Assistant/Grants Administrator
(419) 243-6163 ext. 127

Jen Teschner

Senior Manager of Systemic Investigations
(419) 243-6163 ext. 120

Jenny Tillman

Administrative Assistant
(419) 243-6163 ext. 100

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