Have you been discriminated against?

Discrimination isn't just unfair. It isn't just destructive and humiliating. Discrimination is illegal. The Toledo Fair Housing Center is here to protect people who experience discrimination. The Center has effectively handled thousands of housing discrimination complaints since 1975. If you suspect that housing discrimination has occurred, contact The Toledo Fair Housing Center immediately. The FAIR HOUSING CENTER works closely with government agencies at all levels and with private attorneys to ensure that fair housing laws are vigorously enforced. All of The Toledo Fair Housing Center's counseling and investigative services are free.

If you feel you've been treated unfairly, take the following steps:

Contact the Toledo Fair Housing Center.

Keep all receipts, business cards, applications or other documents received during the transaction.

Write down the events as they happen. Include dates, names, telephone numbers, addresses and other important details.

Consumer Complaint Assistance

  • Advocating for persons whose rights have been violated

  • Influencing public opinion about fair housing through education

  • Investigating allegations of housing discrimination

  • Providing Technical Assistance with housing related inquiries

  • Mediating Complaints

  • Testing Complaints

  • Referring consumers to other agencies for assistance when appropriate

  • Filing complaints (administrative and legal)

  • Enforcing Fair Housing Laws

  • Resolving Complaints (complaint redress)

  • Monitoring Complaints

Need assistance? Contact us and we'll help you.