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The Fair Housing Center has some emergency mortgage assistance grants available to qualifying individuals and families. Some of the criteria are listed in the PDF files below. Call us today at 419-243-6163 to see if you qualify for assistance. Grant programs will stop when funding is no longer available. The Fair Housing Center is a non-profit organization that offers free and confidential services.

Mortgage Assistance Programs

Restoring the Dream

Restoring the Dream is a predatory lending remediation program designed to help homeowners who are experiencing problems with their loan and may be facing foreclosure. The Fair Housing Center has been working with homeowners with their programs for several years; our staff are experienced in loan modification and mortgage rescue programs.

The Fair Housing Center provides a variety of important services:

  • Work with current mortgage holders to negotiate loan balances or eliminate fees and excessive charges

  • Perform intake and triage services for the Ohio Hardest-hit funds which provide assistance to homeowners to catch up their arrearage and potentially pay a portion of their mortgage payments for a period of time if unemployed.

  • Provide loan and financial counseling

  • Restoring the Dream Intake Packet

    Restoring Stability

    New Foreclosure Prevention Program

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