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Toledo Fair Housing Center - Welcome! Housing is one of the keys to equality, and equality is one of the keys to housing. It works both ways. Housing, free of discrimination, is both a right and an opportunity. It is a right protected by state and federal laws. Some of these laws were enacted more than 120 years ago.

Housing, free of discrimination, is also an opportunity. It gives you and your family a chance to concentrate on living and building a stable future. In addition, housing literally opens the door to so many other opportunities. Where you live often determines the quality of education your children receive, the employment options and health services you enjoy, the availability of day care, and access to business associations.

Equal housing opportunity creates a diversity of people and cultures which greatly enhances every work and educational environment.

The Toledo Fair Housing Center is here to ensure that all who seek housing have an equal opportunity to rent, purchase, finance or insure the property they choose. Fair housing is the law of the land. Fair housing means that you may freely choose a place of residence without regard to your race, religion, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, familial status (families with children), or disability. It is your right to be treated in an equal and non-discriminatory manner.

Discrimination isn't just unfair. It isn't just destructive and humiliating. Discrimination is illegal. The Toledo Fair Housing Center is here to protect people who experience discrimination. The Center has effectively handled thousands of housing discrimination complaints since 1975. If you suspect that housing discrimination has occurred, contact The Toledo Fair Housing Center immediately. The FAIR HOUSING CENTER works closely with government agencies at all levels and with private attorneys to ensure that fair housing laws are vigorously enforced. All of The Toledo Fair Housing Center's counseling and investigative services are free.

There is much ignorance, fear and confusion regarding the issues of fair housing. The Toledo Fair Housing Center is here to help people better understand these issues. The Toledo Fair Housing Center is here with years of experience, information, and educational programs (including slide/video presentations and role plays) for consumers, housing professionals, schools, governmental bodies, etc. The Toledo Fair Housing Center is a valuable community resource.

The Toledo Fair Housing Center is a private, non-profit organization which has effectively served the Toledo metropolitan area since 1975. The Center is a project of the Toledo Community Housing Resources Board, Incorporated. The Board of Trustees in composed of representatives from the Toledo Metropolitan area and includes lawyers, teachers, business professionals, homemakers, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, clergy, and others interested in making fair housing a reality for all people. Our primary service area is the Toledo metropolitan area, but the impact of our programs is felt throughout the country.

We have worked toward the goals of fair housing and fair lending since 1975. We have made great progress, thanks to all who have worked to bring about equality in housing opportunity. We will continue to be successful - but only with your continued help and support.

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