When I applied for a home mortgage loan after having a baby, the lender told me they couldn’t use my income because I was on maternity leave. I called the Center and they went right to work. I was able to purchase the home of my dreams for my family.

Mother and Grateful Client

My daughter has epilepsy and our service animal helps detect when she is about to have a seizure. When our condo association sent me a fine as well as a notice to appear in court, I was panicked. I called The Fair Housing Center and it was amazing. They helped us and the condo association understand the law.

Mother and Grateful Client

At 77 years old I found out that I would be spending my golden years in a wheelchair. When I asked my landlord of 18 years about making some modifications, he told me I should consider moving into a nursing home. Well, I am quite capable to live on my own, thank you very much! I called The Fair Housing Center, and not only did they help my landlord understand the law but they also trained the whole staff!

Grandmother and Grateful Client

The Fair Housing Center’s presence in our community has provided an educational resource for real estate professionals and others to ensure fair and equal treatment to protected classes in our country, as well as a deterrent to those who might otherwise discriminate.

Dennis Degnan, Real Estate Broker

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