Welcome In My Backyard


Welcome In My Backyard, or WIMBY, is a grassroots movement that’s fostering more welcoming communities by drawing attention to the growing number of individuals who believe in diversity and inclusion. Ongoing in other communities, WIMBY’s Ohio launch is a timely and powerful response to intolerance.

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I affirm that I welcome individuals from all walks of life into my neighborhood and my community, and that I value human diversity in all its forms.

Get Involved

Want to join the WIMBY movement? It’s easy. From taking the WIMBY Pledge to expressing your WIMBY pride, here’s how you can make a positive difference.

Take the Pledge

Declare that you welcome everyone into your neighborhood, and that you value human diversity in all its forms, by reading and signing the WIMBY Pledge—online or by mail.

Display the Logo

Once you sign the pledge, download and print the WIMBY logo. Display the logo in your home window or in your office, and let your neighbors know that you support WIMBY.

Tell Your Friends

Help us generate some buzz by sharing the news about WIMBY—and the ways you’re supporting it—across all your favorite social media platforms using #wimbyohio.

Start a Campaign

Bring WIMBY to your community! Check out our online toolkit with logos, videos, promotional items, and everything you need to organize your own WIMBY campaign.

Ready to get started?

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The WIMBY Video Project

Participate in the WIMBY Ohio video project by capturing yourself reading all or part of the WIMBY pledge and uploading the video to our library. We’re creating a compilation video featuring WIMBY pledgers from around the state. Get in on the action, and help us promote the WIMBY philosophy.


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